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Our Modular furniture is where it all started for us and there is no better way to create the feel of a VIP lounge. Our modular range comes in a range of materials and colours that can be matched with the venue décor and style.



No-one does a Mediterranean styled get-together better than Velvet Living!

With the uncertainty of international travel still looming, we have decided to try and combat this by putting together some ideas that will help bring the essence of a party in the Balearics to your very own back garden. With outlets in Cannes, Barcelona and Mallorca, we feel we have the perfect selection of furniture and accessories to give you a taste of some of the most popular European beach destinations.

Our parasols will keep you shaded from the sun or even light rain. We have a selection available ranging from small garden items to large fully commercial parasols that provide greater protection and withstand higher wind speeds as well as accessories such as heaters.


Our Madera range made from natural wood works well in any setting and is a nice alternative to traditional rattan giving it a very Mediterranean feel.


For the finishing touches why not include accessories such as paper lanterns, storm lanterns and festoon lighting.





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