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WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Whether you are looking to deck out your terrace or courtyard for guests to dine or provide cover for an intimate garden party, we have the right parasol for you.

New for spring 2021! We have expanded our range of parasols available for hire to protect you and your guests against the elements. In anticipation for the need to social distance for the foreseeable future, it seems like another summer of trying to make the most of your outdoor space. Where a marquee or gazebo may not fit or be appropriate, our professional range of parasols provide basic protection against the elements so that your guests can make the most of their time together. In addition, we have a range of electric and gas heating options, and to finish off the look we have various outdoor seating and lighting options to ensure everyone enjoys their time together in as much comfort as possible.


As well as fulfilling their main goal of providing shade, our professional range of parasols available for hire are sturdy enough to shelter from summer rain and the parasol cloth is designed to conserve heat. We also have a range of heaters and lights that will allow you and your guests to enjoy your time together well into the evening. As well as being stylish and sturdy our professional range is also designed with convenience and functionality at the forefront of the design. User-friendly mechanisms mean that set-up is an easy and simple process, and aluminium frames means they are lightweight and easily moved around your space as required. There are also several base options with each parasol to ensure the final look and function fully meets your needs.

We are able to offer a larger range of parasols and accessories for direct sale to clients looking for a more permanent solution at their venue. Our staff are on hand to guide you through the best choice to suit your specific requirements, please feel free to get in touch with any questions or for advice.




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