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Here at Velvet we are staying positive even in the face of the new government

announcement. Our message to you all is to make the most of this extended time off… You are going to need it! We believe that once the vaccine has been rolled out and life returns to something closer to normality, we are all going to be able to get back to a bustling events industry, busier and more active than ever, and we are ready and waiting!

As we always have been throughout this pandemic, We are still open and available to answer your questions or to quote on anything you may have in the pipe-line, in preparation for better days ahead. We are beavering away behind the scenes on some new projects to be announced in the coming months.



Opening private view of the Bags: Inside Out exhibition

In October last year the V&A approached us to assist them with the preview evening for their new ‘Bags: Inside Out’ exhibition. We were asked how we could transform their café area in the Dome into a stylish and inviting environment for their guests. Sounds easy I hear you say, but what’s the catch!? Of course, it had to adhere to all the current coronavirus restrictions…

The safe way forwards for corporate events during the pandemic.

As you are all well aware by now, the goal-posts are constantly moving with regards to the coronavirus restrictions, so we all agreed to work to the same guidelines that any café, bar or restaurant was adhering to during the run-up to Christmas to make this event happen. Track and Trace would be in operation, masks on until guests were seated, attendees sticking in bubbles of 2 and each arrangement positioned a minimum of 2 meters apart.

Needing to seat around 100 people between the iconic Dome area and Medieval and Renaissance Gallery, we chose to go with items from our sofa collection as well as our smoked glass and gold poseur tables paired with our Manhattan and Greenwich velvet stools and chairs to ensure guests were sat comfortably for the entirety of the event. To uphold our end of the deal, we put together scale plans of our seating arrangements, clearly showing that we were able to adhere to the guidelines so that it could be signed-off by the safety officer at the venue, with all furniture wiped down with alcohol spray, and all our crew wearing masks and gloves during delivery.

We were really proud to be part of this event and the final look once installed fit the brief perfectly. Our industry is one of the best at working together and creatively overcoming obstacles and we hope this shows that when the restrictions ease once again and the vaccine is rolled out on a larger scale that it is possible, with careful planning and common sense, for us to safely begin to put on similar events at locations all across the UK.





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